Thursday, January 22, 2009

Say Happy Valentine's Day Your Way!

I am so excited about these Valentine's. The kids I have done them for are so excited to make them. These crack me up when I look at them! Each Valentine shows such personality. Your child gets to pic the color of the background, the saying and their pose for their Valentine.

Here are some samples of the Valentine's that I have done and how they look when you put them on the box

To order, just purchase the "Personalized Valentine" product from my etsy shop and then e-mail me with details. The Valentine is 10.00 but since I am trying to get the word out about my shop, if you do a post on your blog with a link back to my site on your blog, I will do it for 6.00!! Sweet deal.
Attach this info with your order:
1. Picture for your Valentine
2. Background colors
3. Text
4. Size.

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  1. I love those cards!!! congrats, they are so cute and funny too!